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5 ways to make your home more colourful

In a recent study conducted by Houzz, it was found that about two thirds of Australians will only use neutral colours in their renovations. This surprised us – we are not a beige country, so why should our houses be so? Think about these 5 ways to add some colour to your next home or renovation project…

TIP: Explore the predicted colour trends for 2015 and colour schemes of your choosing with this fantastic colour tool for interior design! 


Photo Credit: Exactus Homes (that's us!)1. Feature tiles – one of our favourite modern trends is the utilisation of tiles as a design feature. A great example of this can be found in a new home we recently completed in City Beach, where we designed and installed rainbow-coloured bathroom tiles in a herring-bone pattern.




Photo credit: Design by Numbers, USA.2. Painted feature wall – colours have the power to affect our mood and energy levels. With over two-thousand Pantone colours to choose from, you’re sure to find a shade that conveys the mood you want to create in your home. You can get creative by making the ceiling a feature or painting a stencilled section of the wall, like this playroom…



Photo Credit: Alykhan Velji Designs, Canada

3.Eye-catching wallpaper – simple but impactful, wallpaper can add a statement to any room. It’s a cost-effective option with plenty of space for intricate designs and patterns – but keep in mind that your furniture and homewares must be able to complement this.




Photo credit: Detail 9 Architects, Australia (Vic)4. Modern splashback – you can transform your entire kitchen by adding a splash of colour to it with a modern glass sheet splashback. You’ll find these in a number of colour options ranging from rich and subtle to bright and playful – or alternatively, choose from an unlimited range of colourful tile options.




Photo credit: The Home, Australia (online retailer)5.Decorating – While the impact may not be as significant, using colourful furniture and homewares is a great alternative to add colour to your home, which also avoids the permanency of the colourful style if you are worried about committing to it in the long term.





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