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Clever ways to make your home more eco-friendly

Looking for ways to make your next home more eco-friendly without compromising on the quality of your lifestyle? These simple, clever tips will have you feeling good about your environmental impact without removing the luxuries you currently enjoy!

Intelligent home design
By optimising the effect of environmental conditions through the design of your home, you can reduce your environmental impact. A common example of this is house orientation. Your ability to take advantage of environmental conditions will depend largely on the abilities of the architect or designer you choose to work with.

Timber-frame/ brick-veneer home construction
Timber framed construction is great for reducing energy usage in the warmer and cooler months, because it is a lighter, less dense material than brick and therefore takes less time to respond to temperature changes. As well as being an insulator itself, timber also enables insulation materials to be used in the space between the frame without increasing wall, ceiling or floor thickness.
In the long term, timber is a more sustainable material than brick and a smaller quantity is required to establish the home structure, which means less waste when the structure is eventually demolished.

Insulated glass windows
Air is a fantastic insulator when confined to one place, which is what makes insulated glass possible. While double-glazed windows are a viable option, we prefer to use Clear Comfort – an intelligent insulating membrane that is more cost-effective and is so simple to install that you could do it yourself!

Energy-efficient fixtures & fittings
From low-flow toilets to energy-efficient lighting options, your selections can have a significant combined impact on your energy output. You can talk to Ralph about environmentally friendly options to suit your home, lifestyle and budget. 

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