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Double-brick vs. timber-framed construction: a builder’s comparison

In Perth, it is assumed that double-brick construction is the best construction method because of its popularity, but popular isn’t necessarily best! That’s why we’ve laid out the practical implications of both double-brick structures and timber-framed structures, so you can make your own mind up…

Double brick refers to two solid structural layers being built side-by-side; of either two layers of brick or a layer of concrete and a layer of brick. Both layers are integral to the structural support and results in a very dense, thick structure.


  • Easier to place heavy fixings such as artwork anywhere on the walls.
  • Blocks noise better than brick veneer homes.
  • No risk of termites or decay.

Timber-framed construction is where steel or wooden framing is used to support the house, and a birck or  façade is used for the exterior appearance. While the type of brick used can be the same as double-brick, the bricks do not support the structure of the house itself.


  • Simpler and faster to install.
  • Generally more cost-efficient.
  • Better insulator due to the cavity between the brick and the timber structure, which can be filled with insulation.
  • The cavity blocks moisture from entering the house.
  • Better energy efficiency due to ability to change the room temperature faster.
  • More flexible, innovative and efficient cladding options.

Don’t let the risk of decay or infestation stop you from using timber; both issues are easily preventable. All timber used by Exactus Homes is waterproofed and treated for pests like termites, so longevity is not a problem.

Exactus Homes has the skills and experience to do both double brick and brick veneer construction. Of course, the decision is yours, but we like to recommend timber-framed construction as the benefits are far-greater than double-brick.

We are happy to talk through the differences in cost, time and suitability for your construction project – just get in touch!

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